GrapeVine Project Featured Nurses

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Jane Jenson

What is your favorite aspect of Faith Community Nursing/what made you want to become a FCN?

I have worked in the hospital setting for most of my 30 plus years as an RN.  Most of that experience has been in geriatric and mental health nursing.  So being present with someone who is going through a difficult time and helping families as they watch their loved one going through difficult times has been a lot of who I am.  About 3 years ago I thought about going back to school to become a counselor for grief or bereavement.  I talked with Peg Weber, whom I worked alongside in mental health nursing before becoming a parish nurse and she pointed out that I was already an RN and that Parish Nursing might be the path I was looking for. Soon after that discussion I registered for the Parish Nurse Preparation course through Marquette University and I began my journey to become a parish nurse.  I began volunteering at LakeView that fall and have expanded my ministry gradually over these past 3 years.

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Ardyce McMillen

What is your favorite part of the GrapeVine Project?

Interacting with different people and teaching them about their health. Doctors and nurses are so busy, that it seems like patients have less and less time with them, so it is nice to be able to talk to individuals about their health concerns…sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them.

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Rudolph, Lori - with husband

Lori Rudolph

How or why did you get involved with GrapeVine Project:

“I thought it would be perfect for my job here at St. Clare Hospital because community outreach is so important. On a personal note it has been a strong interest to focus on prevention and the GVP topics allow us to do that, to give women the tools they need to make better choices in their lives so that they are on the path to prevent a major illness.”

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What is your favorite aspect of Faith Community Nursing/what made you want to become a FCN?

I felt like I was being called by God to do something at my church with regards to health education because we didn’t have anything like that at our church. So I started researching what PNs are all about and heard about the

Came back all excited but was working full time at the hospital, so it was really hard to get things going.  So I just did basic things like blood pressure clinics, some educational classes, a CPR class, and a First Aid course to bring some basic knowledge to the church folks.course at Concordia and ended up taking the course.

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Dee Wiseman

Why did you become a GrapeVine Parish Nurse?

After I retired as private scrub nurse and office nurse for a hand surgeon I became aware of the parish nurse program. And because of the generosity of the Women’s Health Foundation in providing a grant, it enabled me to take the Parish Nurse Course. I found this a very satisfying way to use my nursing experience from the past years and provide a way to help my congregation. I found becoming involved with The “GrapeVine project” a natural fit to fulfilling my goals in parish nursing, and as a way I could repay the Woman’s Health Foundation.