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Lisa A. Cudahy Community Health Grant Recipients



Indianhead Community Action Agency, Ladysmith
Creating Community Awareness about Domestic Violence – The project involves wide distribution, in the 15 county region, of a brochure describing the Legal Assistance for Victims program (LAV) with contact information on how to access free legal services. A follow-up evaluation will be conducted to determine which counties were most effective in sharing information about the program and making referrals. Based on evaluation results, five counties will be selected to conduct public forums/educational campaigns concerning the issues surrounding DV and to share information about LAV.
M & S Clinical Services, Milwaukee
The Stigma of Mental Illness in The African-American Community: Removing the Stigma and Mask of Shame – We will invite our partners, clergy and mental health professional to be a part of a volunteer planning and advising board for a one-day mini conference. We will educate them on the purpose, theme and the impact we are proposing, decide on topics to be address during conference, decide on date, venue and speakers, advertise, gather materials and create knowledge gain questionnaire to be distributed during conference.”
Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA), Milwaukee
Information and Assistance Program – The proposed project plans to have a number of different services which can be accessed by telephone, social media, and email or directly online. Brochures, fact sheets, newsletters and links to mental health information and services are available on a variety of topics. Our mental health screening is an anonymous, evidence-based online tool that allows users to assess their risk for mental disorders. MHA’s Mental Health, Wellness, and Addictions Resource Directory, which is available online and in print, provides local listings of agencies that serve people with mental health and substance use issues.
Meta House, Inc., Milwaukee
Meta House Women’s Tobacco Cessation Project – To achieve a smoke-free campus and assist staff and clients in AODA residential treatment center to quit smoking. Specifically, we would add an exercise component to the Tobacco Cessation Project using the funds to purchase cardiovascular exercise equipment.
Milwaukee Center for Children and Youth, Inc., Milwaukee
Children’s Court Advocacy and Family Restoration Project – We will partner with the Milwaukee County Children’s Court and District Attorney’s Office, the Milwaukee Youth Council, Marquette University Law School Restorative Justice Initiative and the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare to provide advocacy and case management for families involved in CHIPS proceedings. Funding will be used for screening and assessment for co-occuring domestic violence and child maltreatment of 200 women.
Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter, Inc., Reedsburg
Facilitate the mission of Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter, Inc. – Providing a hands on 5-step program with our clients. Step 1. Discussion: family, income, housing, past history & goal setting. We then set up a weekly assessment schedule with them. Step 2. Income: current job, job hunting, SSI, SSDI, child support and budgeting. Step 3. Life Skills: problem solving, parenting, personal hygiene, healthcare, preventive care, and nutrition. Step 4. Independence: Housing within their reach, assistance programs, help with security deposit, and first months rent. At this point we feel they have met our mission to the best of their ability and are ready to be on their own. Step 5. Outreach: We help them with items needed in their new home such as beds, furniture, kitchen & bathroom items and we then discuss with them about our willingness to do 3-months outreach with them. During the outreach period we allow them to come to the shelter for services and visit them at their home to give them continued support with the hope that we have helped to break the cycle the homeless women, one woman at a time.
Stillwaters Cancer Support Services, Waukesha
Making Sense of Life after Cancer Support Group – This free group will meet six times during 2013, for two hours on a weeknight evening at Stillwaters. There is no charge to participate. It is open to both women and men who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. Sessions will be facilitated by a licensed counselor and include an educational component and time for addressing and discussing topics of concern. Guest speakers will address topics such as nutrition, physical activity, body image, stress reduction and fear of recurrence. One session will include a panel discussion of survivors who are 3+ years from treatment. At the end of each session, participants will complete an evaluation of the program.
United Community Center, Inc., Milwaukee
Dulce Secretos (Sweet Secrets) – To adequately and broadly disseminate a video program about a family struggling with diabetes. The story involves multiple generations, with the women at the core of the family and balancing care giving of elder parents and their children, while trying to maintain their own healthy lefestly. UCC proposes the following: 1. Telenovela Premiere- Friday, May 31, 2013; 2. Telenovela Education Packet including a DVD and a handout highlighting some of the key take-aways; and 3. Dissemination Strategy to reach additional audiences will be developed by sharing with community health resources the Telenovela Education Packet. Each health resource will be contacted personally and given the packets and suggestions how they might be distributed to clients.


Art at the Threshold, Madison
2011 “Art at the Threshold” event series – Three events will be held providing a unique and evolving forum for exploring the relationship between illness and health, wholeness and “brokenness” through the lens of the arts – visual, word, sound, movement, performance, culinary and ritual.
Breast Cancer Family Foundation, Green Bay
Breast Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Strategies and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Presentation – Educating the youth in their community about breast cancer and early detection and prevention strategies, the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors and how it affects the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis. They also educate about testicular and skin cancers during their presentations.
NORMAL in Schools, Milwaukee
Normal in Schools (NIS) Tour to UW-Madison and WSCA Annual Conference, 2011 – Educating students on the UW-Madison campus about critical mental health issues and direct them to local resources in their area by bringing their curriculum centered around the musical NORMAL and to present their program and talkback at the 2011 Wisconsin School Counselor’s Association’s annual conference.
Riverside Medical Center, Waupaca
Especially for Girls: What’s Happening to Me – Bringing mothers and daughters together for an informative and enjoyable experience of shared learning about the health and well-being issues of puberty, nutrition, and self-esteem through a workshop with speakers on nutrition and mental health.
Wellness Center of Door County, Inc., Sturgeon Bay
Breast Health: Empowerment & Cancer Risk Reduction – A half day community based conference for health care consumers who have an opportunity to dialogue with a panel of health practitioners, cancer researchers and media professionals. The focus will be on breast cancer risk reduction including possible environmental influences.
Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Foundation, Milwaukee
The Wheaton Franciscan-St. Joseph’s Women’s Outpatient Center – Supporting health education efforts for at least 470 low-income women in Milwaukee.


Access Community Health Centers, Madison
Breast Cancer Prevention Services for Low-Income Women in Dane County – To increase the number of low-income women in Dane County who are receiving recommended mammogram screenings. The program focuses on prevention and early detection and raises awareness of women’s health. This would expand a current program they are using at their William T. Evjue & South Side Clinics to the Wingra Family Medical Center.
Breast Cancer Recovery, Madison
Sharing the Knowledge: Resources for Recover – This is the 11th Annual Conference being held Saturday, November 6, 2010 for cancer survivors and health professionals. They are trying to recruit a nationally-renowned researcher who can discuss Triple Negative Breast Cancer to present a keynote. Event also includes breakout sessions.
Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, Ladysmith
LEAP (Learning and Earning As Peers) – To be used in their Parenting Program where parents receive points for attending classes and then exchange those points for diapers, wipes, etc.
Milwaukee Health Services, Inc., Milwaukee
MLK Centering Program – To offer quality group prenatal care which will provide: support to socially at-risk women; health education; smoking and alcohol cessation education individually and in the group setting; group well-baby care; child development and parenting education; and, group interconception care.
Stillwaters Cancer Support Services, Waukesha
Thriving in Uncertainty – A Restorative Education Retreat for Cancer Survivors – The retreat will educate, instruct, and inspire survivors to raise their level of physical, mental, and spiritual health in the recovery phase.