Upcoming EveryWoman's Journal Workshops

Meriter Business Center, Madison
Thur., Oct. 8 - 1:00 p.m.
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Verona Library,

Tue., Sep. 1
6:00 p.m.~8:00 p.m.
Email Nora Miller or call 800-448-5148, ext.103 to register.

Schedule a Workshop:

To schedule a workshop, email Nora Miller, Program Coordinator, or call
800-448-5148, ext. 103.



EveryWoman’s Journal is an education outreach program that teaches women how to use proactive health journaling techniques to increase individual awareness of their mental, physical, and emotional health, and guide them towards positive, effective action to improve their health and sense of personal well-being.

Journaling is commonly used in chronic pain management, recovery programs and adult learning, but journaling can also be used as a prevention tool. Proactive health journaling helps women translate personal reflection and feedback into actions that increase well-being by becoming in tune with physical messages our body give us and by using self-care techniques.

In a free, 2 hour workshop led by a trained volunteer facilitator, participants learn and practice proactive journaling techniques, and receive information about mental illnesses, signs, symptoms, prevention and resources.

The EveryWoman’s Journal program covers five areas:  nourishing awareness; scattered loss, relating to life, respectful caring, and pure joy.

The insights gained from proactive health journaling – combined with creative self-care techniques and awareness of local health resources – can truly improve the quality of life and health for women.

Workshops can take place in a home, church, library, community center or any public meeting space. Workshops are designed for groups of 15 or less.  Participants receive a guidebook, journal, and pen specifically designed for the program and health information.

WWHF trains and provides materials for volunteer facilitators to present EveryWoman’s Journal workshops in communities throughout Wisconsin.

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