November: Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

October: Breastfeeding Health Benefits

September: Vaccines You Need

August: Guidelines for Cancer Screenings

July: Anxiety in Women

June: Heart & Happiness

May: Get Outside! Get Active!

April: Stress Affects Women Caregivers

March: Early Onset Dementia in Women is on the Rise

February: Prevent Osteoporosis By Building Strong Bones

January: Use EveryWoman’s Journal to Enrich Your Health



December: Your Oral Health Provides Clues to Your Overall Health

November: It’s Time to Turn the Table on Diabetes in Women!

October: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

September: Smoking & Mental Health Connection

August: Women’s Health Initiative

July:  Making Exercise Fun

June:  Menopause? Don’t Stress. There is Help!

May:  Women in Academic Medicine

April:  Breast Cancer Does Not Care What Age You Are

March:  Obesity During Pregnancy

February:  Dementia

January:  Pursue Healthy Habits in the New Year


December: Community Health Grants

November: Emily’s Fund

October: Straight Talk About HPV

September: Don’t Take Your Oral Health For Granted!

August: Buy Local, Eat Fresh

July: Summer Car Safety

June: Health Care Rankings

May: Multiple Sclerosis

April: Sandwich Generation

March: You Lose If You Don’t Snooze

February: The Winter Blues and Beyond

January: Resolve to be Heart Healthy


December: Time for Yourself, the Best Gift to Give

November: Addressing the Issue of Obesity in Women

October: Adults Need Immunizations Too

September: Is It Alzheimer’s or Aging?

August: Facts about the Fastest Growing Cancer in the World, Melanoma

July: Gynecological Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

June: Take Stress and Depression to Heart

May: New Pap Smear Guidelines

April: Our Emotional Style

March: Compression-only CPR Makes Saving Lives Easier

February: Important Screenings You Need to Prevent Diseases and Detect Them Early

January: Menopause and Beyond