Tips From Former Smokers Campaign

The CDC’s Tips Campaign profiles real people – not actors – who live with serious long-term health effects from smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.  This year’s ads feature seven people’s stories, including Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation staff member, Amanda.

While in college, newly engaged—and still smoking a pack a day—Amanda learned she was pregnant. She tried to quit, but juggling work and classes was stressful. She thought cigarettes helped deal with stress. She soon learned that smoking only made things worse. Her baby was born 2 months early, which is a danger for all pregnant women who smoke. The tiny baby girl spent weeks in a hospital incubator. “I knew that smoking was bad… I didn’t think I would have a premature baby,” said Amanda. “I couldn’t hold her much in those first weeks. It’s time I’ll never get back. Smoking took that from me.”

Amanda quit smoking with the help of WWHF’s smoking cessation program, First Breath and now her journey has come full circle.  Amanda works for the WWHF as a Health Educator and Trainer, providing smoking cessation education and support to recently postpartum women and training the providers that helped her quit years ago.

Amanda has shown tremendous courage in sharing her story, please take a moment to watch Amanda’s powerful videos.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and smoking, contact us at 1-800-448-5148.