What is First Breath?

Our Mission
Improve maternal and child health in Wisconsin through perinatal tobacco cessation programming.

First Breath Program Description
First Breath is a program that helps Wisconsin women quit or reduce smoking by training health care providers to deliver evidence-based tobacco cessation counseling as part of existing prenatal care. The program offers non-judgmental, client-centered counseling, support, educational materials, and meaningful incentives.

The First Breath program aims to:

  1. Help participants quit or significantly reduce their tobacco use throughout the perinatal period.
  2. Provide comprehensive tobacco-related training and technical assistance to health care providers.
  3. Disseminate the best practices in maternal smoking research, resources, tools, and continuing education opportunities.

First Breath Eligibility
Any pregnant woman who has recently quit smoking or wants to quit smoking can participate.

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First Breath Providers
First Breath Providers are individual health care providers that have completed the initial First Breath training and implement the program. They include, but are not limited to:

Registered NursesCase/Care ManagersLactation CounselorsOutreach Specialists
Nurse PractitionersPhysician's AssistantsCommunity Health WorkersPhysicians
Certified Nursing AssistantsSocial WorkersRespiratory TherapistsPsychologists
Lincensed Practical NursesNutritionistsMidwives

First Breath Sites
First Breath sites are trained agencies that offer the First Breath program. They include, but are not limited to:

Public Health DepartmentsPrenatal Care Coordination ProgramsFederally Qualified Health CentersIndian Health Services
HMOsOB PracticesFamily PracticesPrimary Care Clinics
Behavioral Health ClinicWIC OfficesHome VisitationCommunity Health Centers
Community Services Agencies

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